School overview

– Tam Phap Construction Mechanical and Electrical Vocational College is located in Tam Phap town on an area of 210,030 m .2 (Factory I: 103,120 m2; Facility II: 64,850 m2; Facility III: 42,060 m2). The school's location is very convenient in terms of traffic and has been planned for a long-term stability of Ninh Binh province.

In recent years, with the attention of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the General Department of Vocational Training, and the locality, the school's facilities and technical equipment for training and scientific research have been invested in. synchronous, advanced and modern investment, meeting the requirements of innovation in training content and methods. Currently, on the hectare of land managed and used by the school, there have been a number of permanent constructions.






Workshop area and practice equipment

   Practical workshops are fully equipped with equipment to meet the practical requirements of each specialized module for the professions of Automotive Technology, Industrial Electrical, Civil Electrical, Civil Electronics, Computer Network Administration, Business accounting, welding, metal cutting, cold repair machine tools. The classrooms are equipped with advanced, modern and synchronous technology, such as CNC, PLC, CAD/CAM technology, automatic welding ROBOT. The system of practice workshops includes:

            Industrial and civil electrical practical workshop: Includes specialized practice rooms for training in the repair of electrical machines, machine circuits, PLCs, hydraulics, pneumatics, household electrical appliances, electrical installations civil.

            The industrial and civil electronics practical workshop meets the training requirements according to the modules of Power Electronics, Pulse-Digital Technology, and repair of civil electronics such as televisions, radios, and cassettes.

Automotive Technology and Agricultural Machinery Practice Workshop: Includes specialized classrooms for training according to modules of automotive and agricultural machinery technology.

            Welding practice workshop: Including practice rooms equipped with semi-automatic welding machines with INVECTER technology to meet the training requirements of arc welding, TIG welding, MIG welding, and MAX welding. Also equipped with steam welding equipment. 01 automatic welding practice room equipped with automatic welding machine and welding robot.

            Metal cutting workshop Includes: Workshop for all kinds of universal machines such as Turning, Milling, Planing, Drilling, Grinding, Drilling... and CNC technology lab with modern equipment such as CNC Machining Center , CNC lathe, spark cutting machine. Computer system used to connect CAD/CAM technology training.

            Workshop Go, Forge.

            Workshop cold repair machine tools.

            Workshop for processing tea and agricultural products.

Specialized laboratories and classrooms

   Laboratories for specialties such as: Principles of Machines, Strength of Materials, Electronics, Digital, Automation, Electrical Machines, Automotive Technical Diagnostics..Specialized classrooms for all Vocational training at the school is equipped with visual equipment, projector projectors..

Lecture hall

  Including networked computer science classrooms, and theory classrooms..

Library System

   In the period of 2009 - 2012 according to the investment project approved by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, the wall house will invest in building a modern library with thousands of regularly updated books, which can be updated regularly. meet many different needs, helping readers access information quickly and most conveniently. The electronic library system meets the learning and scientific research needs of teachers and students.


Student dormitory

   Dormitory area of students, students always ensure good security to create the best conditions for students to study.

Equipment for entertainment

   The school has a playground with a system of multi-purpose gymnasiums and stadiums to ensure the entertainment needs of students and staff.

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