Congratulations 92 Students in grades 12B – 12C – 12D – 12E

After 3 years, all my efforts and efforts, along with the companionship, guidance and encouragement of teachers Viet Xo College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering - VCEC, has finally picked the sweet fruit.

3 years is not too long but not too short, all have made great efforts to complete the first goal on their life journey with 2 degrees:

+ Vocational Intermediate Degree

+ National High School Diploma

Congratulations Team of Teachers and Students of the School!

With 70% total score over 22 points. This is a score that needs to be recognized and further promoted by the teachers and students of the school in the coming years.

In which, 4 students scored above 29 points in total.

– Mai Trong Dung 30.15

– Nguyen Minh Duc 29.95

– Duong Duc Giang 29.7

– Doan Van Nien 29.1

Congratulations children !

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