Farewell meeting for Mr. Pham Van Quang who retired under the regime

        In everyone's life, everyone has to go through time to study, work, and then retire... Time has passed. After more than 34 years of work, Mr. Pham Van Quang is retired according to the regime.

Turning over the traditional pages of the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, we have the right to be proud of our achievements, proud of the teachers in our faculty. During the course of work, Mr. Pham Van Quang has won the title of Emulation Fighter for many years, certificates of merit and certificates of merit from schools, provinces and ministries. During his years as a manager, he has built a Party cell and a Faculty for many years to achieve a strong and clean branch; Excellent advanced labor collective, fostering many generations of good teachers and good students... it can be affirmed that Mr. Pham Van Quang has had a lot of merits in teaching as well as in management, making great contributions to the success of the community. general development of the Faculty and the school.

During more than 34 years of working in teaching and management, in different positions, he always upholds the sense of responsibility, is always enthusiastic, sociable, open to colleagues, always completes tasks. and complete all tasks well, being loved by colleagues and students.

Today, before officially parting with the career of growing people, saying goodbye to the Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, the beloved school that used to be, Thay has every right to be proud of the imprints left in generations. students, in the love of friends and colleagues. We always hope that, although he does not work directly at the school, he always monitors, helps and shares valuable experiences for the Faculty to perform well the assigned tasks.


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