Open letter to students

Letter to candidates nationwide who are interested in choosing a career, choosing a school to take the next step on the path to conquering knowledge and career.

Dear friends, at this moment you are facing many opportunities and many choices for your study path, moreover your career and future career, there are many of you who have the conditions to be accepted by the parents. (mother) an experienced relative who has oriented and advised you to choose the right career, choose a branded school, suitable for your personal capacity and suitable for other conditions occurring in your life. while studying as well as after graduation for you.

Every year, the school always achieves many top achievements on the core aspects that are:

Teachers: Achieve high scores in exams for excellent teachers at all levels

Students: Participate in setting excellent results at ministerial-level and national-level competitions for talented students in training schools.

School: continuously received Certificates of Merit from Ministries, Flags of leading units of the Prime Minister, Medals and many other awards. From a market-oriented point of view, the school always creates the best learning and training environment for Students – Students, the focus in all activities of the school is on training high-quality human resources, creating many opportunity for students – Students strive, grow and soon succeed on your career path.

When you read the content of this letter, the school is recruiting for the 2020-2021 school year, please contact and visit activities at 3 campuses or find out more information on the website. : www.
On behalf of the teachers of Viet Xo College of Engineering and Construction, I wish all the candidates all over the country good health, intelligence, dynamism, and high achievements in the upcoming exams!

Viet Xo College of Engineering and Construction is always ready to welcome new students for the 2020-2021 school year.

Best regards!

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